Maine State Volleyball Association

Players and Ratings

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If you're a player in search of a team, or a captain trying to fill spots on your roster, follow these links to the MSVBA Player/Team Service Guestbook. You can post a 'volleyball personal ad' describing what you want, and other folks in the volleyball community will be able to answer your post or contact you directly. It's quick and easy. Please remember that this is a public forum, so information you post might be seen by people outside of MSVBA.

How do ratings change?

We all share the responsibility to keep the ratings accurate. Each roster with ratings is posted on the wall at every sanctioned tournament, along with a Rating Recommendation Sheet. If you feel a player's rating is incorrect, you may contest it on the Rating Recommendation Sheet and provide the rating you think best fits the player. At the end of the tournament, a previously established ratings committee will review the protest sheet. If all members of the committee agree with the protest, they'll initial the Rating Recommendation Sheet and log it. Once a player's rating has been protested, reviewed, and signed off TWICE in a single season or in consecutive seasons, the player will receive notification from MSVBA that his or her rating has officially changed.