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Updated 12/16/2005

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New MAVO Official Rates
MAVO/PAVO/USAV/National Federation Certification Process
PAVO/NEVO Clinic Information
Upcoming Maine Volleyball Officiating Clinics
MSVBA Rebuilding for the 2005-2006 Season

Clinics For 2005-2006 Volleyball Season

NEW Clinics Scheduled:
Phil Nadeau has scheduled 3 additional clinics for December 9th at 6:30; Dec 19th at 6:30; and Jan 8 at 1PM.
Please contact Phil at the numbers, or E-mail listed below for additional information. These clinics will only be held if there is sufficient attendance, so make sure that you let Phil know if you are interested in attending

MAVO will be scheduling multiple dates for rules clinics for its three volleyball certification programs for the 2005-2006 season in the near future. Please check back with us to find the date and location for a clinic for the late summer or fall season. Rules clinics will be conducted on the same day for high school (National Federation); women's collegiate (PAVO); and Maine State Volleyball Association, recreation, Junior Olympic, and men's collegiate club play (USA Volleyball).

Officials recruitment continues to be our number one priority.  Please share this information with anyone who has an interest in becoming an official or getting re-certified as an official.

Rates have been adjusted upward for collegiate play (details are listed in the article below). Higher pay is great, but our organization cannot exist without expanding its officiating base. We need your support and commitment to recruit!! If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact Phil Nadeau at (home) 782-5380; (wk) 784-2956, Ext. 114; or at [email protected].
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New MAVO Official Rates

This season will feature adjusted rates for our collegiate officials. For our PAVO (women's collegiate) officials, all matches in which two officials will be assigned are $83 (plus travel) per official-regardless of whether they are played in match play or during a tournament. The big change lies with those colleges who elect to assign only one official. In these cases, officials will be paid $124.50 per match (plus travel). Mileage fees will also be adjusted for this season to better compensate our officials as gas prices continue to increase.

In high school play, there was a bit of confusion on what the MPA would pay in depending on the match format. In summary, if one official is assigned, the following applies (assumes best 3 of 5 match): Varsity-$60 per match; JV-$28 per match. If two officials are assigned (assumes best 3 of 5 match): Varsity-$41.50 per match; JV-$23.80 per match. MPA has approved payment of mileage to Officials to cover travel costs at a rate of $0.28 per mile.

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MAVO/PAVO/USAV/National Federation Certification Process

When you register as a member with MAVO, there may be several dues payments involved with your certification requirements. It will be very helpful if you bring along your checkbook to a rules clinic. This will assist the board in getting the paperwork completed at the clinic more efficiently. You will be making out checks for your memberships made payable to the "MAVO". As for the clinician, he or she is providing a service and that service is compensated directly by the members to that individual. A separate payment (checks or cash) are made directly to the clinician THE DAY OF THE CLINIC. PLEASE, UNLESS THE CLINICIAN VOLUNTARILY WAIVES THE FEE, FREELY OFFER THIS PAYMENT AS IT IS THE ONLY COMPENSATION FOR HIS/HER TIME, TRAVEL AND, IN SOME CASES, PHONE AND OTHER EXPENSES WHICH ARE NOT REIUMBURSED. Needless to say, if you have cash, and it is the correct change, that is acceptable but it is always best to have a check for your official receipt. Keep in mind, in addition to paying your registration/clinician fees and attending a rules clinic, you must complete (unless waived by the clinician) a written and a practical exam (or regular season match evaluation).

TO BECOME A PAVO OFFICIAL: To become a women's collegiate volleyball official, you must become both a member of MAVO ($10 fee if approved this year); a member of PAVO (Professional Association of Volleyball Officials-$60); attend a rules clinic where you must pay the clinician a $10 fee ($15 if you were not certified in the prior season); complete a written exam; and be evaluated working a match.

TO BECOME A NATIONAL FEDERATION OFFICIAL: For high school officiating, you must register as an MAVO member ($10); register with the National Federation ($20); attend a rules clinic where you must pay the clinician a $10 fee ($15 for new officials-this fee is only paid once on days which feature multiple clinics); complete a written exam; and be evaluated working a match.

TO BECOME A USA VOLLEYBALL OFFICIAL: For USA Volleyball officials (club play, men's collegiate club play, boy's/girls junior Olympic play), there is no requirement to join MAVO. However, if you intend to become certified only with USA Volleyball here in Maine, we encourage our USAV only officials to register with MAVO so you can get accurate clinic and other Maine officiating information. It is the obligation of the individual to register with USA Volleyball and to pay New England Regional Volleyball your registration fee directly. Forms (and lots of other stuff) are provided through this board and are available at the Yankee Volleyball website: WWW.Yankee.ORG. YOU MUST REGISTER WITH USA VOLLEYBALL IN ORDER TO BE CERTIFIED AS A USAV OFFICIAL.
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Upcoming PAVO Volleyball Officiating Clinics

The annual PAVO Officials Training Program referee clinic will be held Sunday, Aug 14 at Bentley College.
Here are the particulars:
What: PAVO Officials Training Program clinic
Where: Bentley College, Adamian Academic Center, Waltham, MA (same site as past years)
When: Sunday, August 14, 2005
Time: 9 am - 1 pm, 8:30 registration
Cost: PAVO members: $25; USAV/NERVA/Yankee members who are NOT PAVO members $30
     For NEVO members (not NERVA), the clinic fee is included in your annual dues, but we still need to know that you're coming.
This clinic, sponsored annually by NEVO, is a tremendous opportunity for volleyball referees of all levels to hear directly from national clinicians on a wide range of topics including rule changes, points of emphasis, and the latest techniques.
Attendance at this clinic will fulfill the annual clinic requirements for both PAVO and USAV certifications. All current high school, collegiate, and USAV referees are strongly encouraged to attend (get that clinic out of theway now).

To assure that we have sufficient materials, pre-registration is recommended. To register, please send checks (payable to NEVO) to Steve Webster, 276 Clifton Street, Belmont, MA 02178. Please be sure to include all contact information -- name, address, phone, and email.
For more information, contact Steve Webster at [email protected] or 617-512-8635.

Upcoming Maine Volleyball Officiating Clinics

We have greatly expanded the number of officiating clinics over the past several years. We are planning to do several rounds of clinics again this season.

In southern/central Maine, we will be conducting our "triple header" clinics again in the fall.
USAV clinics for new official candidates will be scheduled later in the Fall--( see notice below ).

The rules clinic locations, dates and times are as follows:

1.  Lewiston City Hall---Friday, August 19, 2005 at 6PM:  High school, women's collegiate, USAV update clinics.  First clinic will be high school clinic at 6PM followed by the annual meeting at approx 7:45.  College clinic will be at 8PM and USAV update will follow.

2.  Lewiston City Hall---Sunday, August 21, 2005 at 1PM:  High school, women's collegiate, USAV update clinics.  First clinic will be high school clinic at 1PM followed by the annual meeting at approx 2:45.  College clinic will be at 3PM and USAV update will follow.

3.  Washington Academy, East Machias---Monday, August 22, 2005 at 5:30PM:  High school clinic only (no collegiate or USAV update clinic will be held at this site).  Annual meeting will be held first.

4.  Husson College, Bangor (this date is now confirmed--thanks Coach Debeck)---Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 12PM:  High school, women's collegiate, USAV update clinics.  First clinic will be high school clinic at 12PM followed by the annual meeting at approx 1:45PM.  College clinic will begin at 2PM and USAV update will follow.

We will be scheduling practical exams (actual on-site working evaluation sessions) in the future and that info will be shared at the rules clinics. Please feel free to contact Phil Nadeau (see next paragraph) if there are questions. 

We will be conducting USAV clinics for anyone that may still find this helpful.  Two dates are usually scheduled at Lewiston City Hall in December or January.  We will be able to provide new USAV rule books for anyone registering as a USAV member.
Please not that it will be your responsibility to contact the clinician ( Phil Nadeau ) if there is inclement weather.  He can be contacted by phone at work 784-2956, Ext.114 or at home 782-5380.

FOR THOSE OF YOU ATTENDING THE LEWISTON CLINICS, PLEASE USE THE PARK STREET ENTRANCE. FOR DIRECTIONS TO LEWISTON CITY HALL: From the Maine Turnpike-Follow Route 196 (Lisbon Street) west to downtown, Lisbon Street becomes a one way street. Go past the Country Kitchen Bakeries plant (on right) to Pine Street (your third right). Turn onto Pine Street and take first right onto Park Street, Park anywhere around the building. From Main Street (Route 202)-Travel past Dunkin Donuts (across from Central Maine Medical Center) and make a left at the third light onto Park Street. Travel two intersections (to intersection of Pine and Park St.). City Hall will be on your right. The only other clinics to be scheduled will be for USA Volleyball. Another general mailing will go out for future USA Volleyball clinics sometime in August or September.
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MSVBA Is Rebuilding For the 2005-2006 Season

The Maine State Volleyball Association (MSVBA but sometimes identified by NERVA as MSVA) is looking to get Maine USA Volleyball tournaments going again with the fall season for 2005. MSVBA will need to recruit more USAV certified officials if we are to continue running sanctioned tournaments in Maine

MSVBA is a USA Volleyball sanctioned organization working through the New England Regional Volleyball Association (NERVA) which serves as our regional USA Volleyball organization. If you register as a USA Volleyball player (or official ), your membership is recognized as being formally registered here in Maine- though it is also recognized throughout New England as well. A Maine registration puts money in MSVBA's budget for player activity (they also assist in paying for practical examinations for USAV officials) here in Maine. However, there can be no player activity if there is no organization. There may be other venues to play volleyball in the area, but playing in a USA Volleyball sanctioned event, which features USA Volleyball certified officials and their tournament format, has served up some of the best volleyball opportunities in this state for many years. It would be a shame to allow this opportunity for quality volleyball to slip by. If you have any interest in volleyball as a player, or wish to become a more active participant in MSVBA, please contact us at [email protected].
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